April 30, 2010 | by admin in product

Typography is art. Every loop, swirl, and descender tells a story. Letterforms and typefaces are what set designers apart from other artists. As an old-school designer who often waxes nostalgic for the era of paste-up and typsetting, I’m a big fan of well-designed works of typography. Recently, I stumbled across the peppersprouts website where Jen Pepper has interpreted classic serif and sans serif typography into works of art. This is a great idea to help transform young designers into better typographers without even knowing it!

Visit peppersprouts on Etsy to see more laser cut products. Check out the UpsateFancy blog for more inspiration. Follow @peppersprouts on Twitter.

Magis Me Too

April 29, 2010 | by admin in photography

I love the photography and brand experience on the Magis Me Too site!

Founded in 1976 in the bustling north eastern corner of Italy by a newcomer to the furniture business, Eugenio Perazza, Magis is today a giant international design laboratory that constantly puts itself to the test, seeking technological sophistication and employing a highly diversified workforce.

In 2004 Magis also launched a new collection of objects and furniture for children between two and six years old, called Me Too Collection. It’s not a scale reduction of the adult world. It’s more of an intermediate station, emotive equipment that stimulates the little ones’ perceptions and helps them to take stock of what the adult dimension will be like. Me Too: I’m here too and I deserve my place among everything else.

May Submissions

April 28, 2010 | by admin in press

Every day, I look forward to hearing from new viewers! Don’t forget to submit your work to be considered for a Website Bakery showcase in May.

The Hermitage

April 27, 2010 | by admin in art

The Hermitage is the online home of Rima Staines, illustrator, painter and maker of things and teller of tales. Although she was born a Londoner in the 20th century, she has always had one foot in Early Medieval Europe. She travelled for a year and a day in a hand-built wooden house-on-wheels and is now sitting amongst books and paints in an old house on the edge of Dartmoor.

Rima’s curiosity leads her through the many worlds of words, languages and lettering, books and stories, puppetry, nature and interesting people, music, superstitions, folklore and fairytales. Some of her favorite fairytale illustrators are Arthur Rackham, Lizbeth Zwerger, and Gennadij Spirin – a Russian artist who has illustrated many Slavic tales with his wonderful almost Brueghel-like marketplaces of people and medieval colour palette.

Rima creates unique original oil paintings on rustic chunks of wood that look ancient and battered. And at Once Upon a Clock there are unusual handmade clocks that gather together Rima’s fascinations with stories, automata, medieval contraptions, folk art, & all things a little bit odd.

If you’re like me, you’ll lose yourself in the enchanting blog, Into the Hermitage. Since I found it in 2008, it has allowed me to live vicariously through Rima’s travels through the Scottish countryside in a gypsy caravan. Thank you Rima for being an inspiration and having the courage to take the world along on your adventures. Your writings conjure a life most people can only dream of. Next time we visit our family in Cornwall and Warrington, I’ve determined I must travel north through Dartmoor.

Prints and original paintings are available at The Hermitage Etsy shop, a Phantasmagoria of Fancy, Museum of Myth & Realm of the Ridiculous.

Follow @thehermitage on Twitter.

Featured on Spyre Studios

April 24, 2010 | by admin in press

Sprye Studios is a fast growing design blog with a focus on typography, design trends, inspiration, CSS, HTML, WordPress, jQuery, minimalism and blogging. They are also part of the mega popular Smashing Network. I’m honored that the Website Bakery was included in the “40 WordPress-Powered Websites With Awesome Designs” article. The post covers designs ranging from minimalism, portfolio designs, blog designs, showcase sites and full blown content driven sites. It’s such a great honor to be listed alongside the other excellent and inspirational WordPress website designs.

rafinesse & tristesse

April 24, 2010 | by admin in furniture, toys

Some people may view an empty olive tin as trash, but for these ladies, it was the inspiration to start rafinesse & tristesse in 2006. Their products are based on the concept of using as many recycled items as possible by reworking them into high quality furniture pieces and miniature kitchens. Each unique piece is handmade in Germany and Switzerland. With attention to detail they transform everyday waste objects into artistic, playful, and practical products that also benefit the environment. To add character to the designs, all their repurposed tins show signs of use, scratches or dents.

The Frizzle Sizzle cookers and the Splish Spash sinks come with or without a back wall with bordure, clocks, hooks and cupboards. Each one comes with extras: musical box, pot holder, oven glove and tea towels. The Tin Tuffet stools have either canvas, oilcloth, artificial leather or cloth covers and are perfect for coffee shops or as garden furniture.

Magic Yam

April 23, 2010 | by admin in handmade, toys

The simplest things make me smile! Years ago, I found the pocket-sized Pet Rock Plushies at the Magic Yam shop on Etsy. The squishy little fleece friends are the plushiest little stones you’ll ever meet. Pet Rocks and cozy rockpiles make cute, simple little presents for anyone who could use a pal or an office desk mascot.

Magic Yam also makes Pet Yams and Tom-Stones that look like a little tombstones. My absolute favorites are the Lumpy the Coal plushies with different moods, which my 3-year old named… Worried, Grumpy and Happy. Yep, some of the little guys are downcast and broody, but they’re all very loveable and well-made. Each plushie comes wrapped in a fun package with origami stars and hand-illustrated gift tags to make you smile even before you open the package.

I love my Magic Yam Pet Rocks. They “rock”!

Splatgirl Creates

April 22, 2010 | by admin in handmade

Splatgirl Creates has an ever-changing lineup of expertly handmade handbags and accessories. Everything in her shop is original, designed from scratch and and meticulously crafted. It is also the home of one of my favorite custom purchases on Etsy, the MOOPocket. My personal MOOPocket clip-on with grey pinstripe with orange lining has been going strong since 2007. The sturdy fabric cases are sized to hold a nice fat stack of MOO cards. My version has the ability to house a MOO card safely behind a plastic window on the front panel for quick and easy MOOdentification and gazing. The little window on the front is by far the most commented on aspect by admirers because they can immediately see that it is a card holder to promote my work.

Check out more MOOpockets and patterns on Flickr and and the Splatgirl blog. Follow @splatgirl on Twitter.

Featured on The Web Based

April 22, 2010 | by admin in press

The Web Based is a CSS gallery showcase of well-designed websites to show what can be achieved through pure CSS layouts and web standards with a focus on quality over quantity.

Follow them on Twitter @thewebbased.


April 21, 2010 | by admin in handmade

I do not understand how anyone can live without one small place of enchantment to turn to.” – Margorie Kinnan Rawlings

At Lilliput Loft, you will discover items that are totally unnecessary but absolutely essential. Every piece carefully created with much love and whimsy, to make your everyday enchanted and originates from a desire to enhance childhood memories. They are a mother and daughter team that love being creative in a world of ‘childhood’ and ‘fantasy’. Their name is derived from the ‘Land of Lilliput’ from the famous tale of ‘Gulliver’s Travels’.

Inspired by the thought that a moment lasts all of a second but the memory lives on forever, their Enchanted Tree brings papier-mache to a new level of creativity! Grown in their own Secret Enchanted Forest, the tree features a metal lantern being held high by gnarly fingers and a set of craggy stairs that lead up to a tiny lamp-lit Porchlight Pixies sign beside a small, weathered door. If you were the size of a pixie, you would be welcome to enter and sup with the faeries that live inside at a petite table and chairs. The tree is created from extremely strong papier-mache and measures approximately 220cm in height. Due to the size and nature of this piece, it must be carefully transported.

For the more frugal browser, check out the whimsical nursery mobiles, faeries, and tuffets at LilliputLoft Etsy shop

Pretty Little Thieves

April 20, 2010 | by admin in illustration

Nancy Mungcal of Pretty Little Thieves draws, cuts, pastes, colors, and prints. She loves Helvetica, kraft and graph paper, pantone colors, black pens, 05 pencils, markers, notebooks…illustrations, graphics, hand drawings, patterns, art, nature, animals, travel and especially music.

Her artworks have such a sweet hand-drawn quality with minimal lines that say so much about the concepts behind them. The drawings are predominantly black and white with just the right amount of color highlighting the combinations of patterns.

To see more flat things, visit prettylittlethieves shop on Etsy and Flickr.

Molly Mutt

April 19, 2010 | by admin in product

molly mutt is much more than a dog bed company. Their revolutionary dog duvet & stuff sack make creating & maintaining a stylish, comfortable, and clean dog bed easier – and less costly – than ever before. Their DIY dog duvets are designed to cover your existing dog bed, or – here’s the cool part – upcycle your household leftovers by throwing some old soft stuff in their mesh “stuff sack”.

You can follow @mollymutt on Twitter. And if you want to see more photos, check out the puppies on beds customer uploads in the molly mutt Flickr pool.

Now that I’m working at home, Sully can’t wait to get his paws on a new bed that will go perfectly under the office desk. And because he loves Styx, he’s probably going to choose the Mr. Roboto duvet theme…

The Tiny Tiara

April 19, 2010 | by admin in handmade

Coral Armour of The Tiny Tiara is a self-taught artist originally from California. As a child, fairy tales allowed her an escape into worlds that paralleled the ones inside her own mind. As an adult, she has translated her love for fairy tales into her handmade items by making paper diorama theaters, snow globes and diorama jewelry. More recently her focus has shifted to paper theaters because they hearken back to a time when entertainment was not as accessible as the push of a few buttons.

Follow her on Twitter @thetinytiara.

Gingerbread Construction Co.

April 18, 2010 | by admin in web design

The Gingerbread Construction Company makes handmade gingerbread, gourmet muffins and cookies, delicious brownies, and traditional italian biscotti. The website design and build was done by Conover Tuttle Pace, a full-service advertising, public relations and interactive agency in Boston. It’s a well-designed Magento e-commerce site with balance, organization, focus and an enjoyable user experience. Now that I know gingerbread houses can be made for any holiday, I can’t wait to see the new online spring offerings and weekly deals.

Follow @gingerbreadcc and @CTPBoston on Twitter.


April 17, 2010 | by admin in design, toys

Undoboy has a simple philosophy, “design brings happiness.” I’ve had his site bookmarked for quite some time. I first read about him in the 2006 issue of Creativity when they named him as one of the most influential illustrators. Originally from Malaysia, he is an award-winning art director, graphic & interactive designer, and illustrator currently living in Portland, OR. Over the years, he has worked for the best advertising agencies in the world, including Crispin Porter + Bogusky, JWT and Wieden + Kennedy. He got quite an impressive portfolio and a long list of awards.

A few years ago, he founded Undoboy Studio and launched his first designer paper toy called Super-Bastard Box Art Characters. Each figure has 4 different characters printed on the four sides and are designed so that you can detach the head or the pants and interchange them to form new mash-up characters. They’re made of heavy card stock with matte lamination. Some of the characters include Queen Elizabeth, Bjork and Mr. T. With great packaging and an ingenious toy all rolled into one, how can you go wrong? They can be purchased from the Undoboy goodies site.

Check out his Blik wall vinyls and his artist series Mimobot. If you’re like me and want to see what inspires Undoboy, take a peek at his blog.

Luli Bunny

April 16, 2010 | by admin in illustration

Lucila (aka: bunny) is an illustrator from Buenos Aires, Argentina that specializes in Japanese-inspired cuteness. She enjoys kawaii bunnies, bears and cute furry colorful creatures. The term “kawaii” is a Japanese word that can mean cute, dear, shy, and happy. Her illustrations have been published in “Just for you”, “The Little Book of Kawaii” and “LatinAmerica Worldwide Graphic Design”.

Visit lulibunny’s Etsy shop for some handmade cuteness. Follow @lulibunny on Twitter.

Mutt Ink

April 15, 2010 | by admin in illustration

Introducing Mutt Ink and their splendiferous collection of varied visuals. Mutt Ink is a multi-disciplinary creative studio, the imaginative effort of Jeremy Holmes. Formed in 2004, Mutt Ink provides a broad range of design and illustration solutions with experience in print, editorial, branding, publishing, web and packaging.

The first thing I noticed when visiting the website was the elegant design and usability. It’s obvious that he partnered with a good web design firm, Cooper Graphic Design, to make the website match the portfolio perfectly without overwhelming the work in the portfolio. Talking about his portfolio, the concepts, the muted color palette, aged textures and vintage details within the illustrations pull you right into the story that’s behind it. I can only imagine the number of layers that goes into each illustration. I had such a hard time choosing which illustration to post.

Published by Chronicle Books, “There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly” is the first of what hopes to be many children’s books from Mutt Ink. The book has a clever interactive format with a surprise awaiting when you turn the last page of the book. Click on over to Amazon to purchase the book.

I’m also looking forward to “The Alchemist and the Angel”. The new book by Joanne Owen about mystery, magic and alchemy set in 16th-century Prague and Vienna. A must-have for those who covet all things covered in creep.

Check out the Mutt Ink site and follow @muttink on Twitter.


April 13, 2010 | by admin in illustration, jewelry

Spanish artist Verónica de Arriba is also known as depeapa. Depeapa was born out of the idea to give new life to her melancholy illustrations by taking the originals and making them into accessories made of felt, wood, paper. Her cameo brooches are hand-sewn and decorated with an edge of felt with a naive style of thin lines, warm colors, and charming characters.

She started uploading to Flickr first and found some success. At first, she didn’t intend to sell anything, but began to get requests for the pictures and dolls. After that, she opened her blog began creating new things with her drawings as a basis. She loves the thought of her characters traveling to homes around the world and stay there to live. (Especially on the lapels).

Shiori Matsumoto

April 12, 2010 | by admin in art

Shiori Matsumoto is influenced by surrealism, symbolism, modern illustration, and Japanese subculture. Her oil paintings are dreamlike, melancholy and cryptic atmospheres with girls who play with imagination and try to change the world with their own ritual.

She was recently part of the Dreamscape group exhibition the Netherlands. Dreamscape unites art movements like magic realism, fantastic realism and surrealism under the collective name Imaginary Realism and brings them with various projects to the worldwide and well-deserved attention. Imaginary realism is an international art movement characterized by sublime fantasy worlds and creatures, executed in a highly detailed technical style reminiscent of the old masters.

Featured on instantShift

April 11, 2010 | by admin in press

The Website Bakery design was included in the instantShift article for 70+ Brilliant WordPress Site Designs for Design Inspiration. instantShift is leading design and inspiration related community for web designers and developers.

Featured on Blog Design Heroes

April 10, 2010 | by admin in press

Blog Design Heroes is a web design gallery that focuses on showcasing the best blog designs. Their gallery includes blogs of all kinds, using all different blogging platforms. Blog Design Heroes is part of a network created and owned by Vandelay Website Design that includes four other niche galleries: CartFrenzy, Minimal Exhibit, TypeInspire, and Folio Focus.

Follow them on Twitter @BDHeroes


April 9, 2010 | by admin in jewelry

Katherine Dejarnette Babin of dejarnette New Orleans, creates unique pieces of jewelry from found objects and semi-precious stones. The Curiositiés collection is a reworking of vintage trinkets and quirky objets d’art. In fact, all of the different collections reference a hodgepodge of eras by repurposing objects into eye-catching adornments with a modern feel.

The Plume necklace in particular is an exquisite single polka dot feather in a delicate, clear vessel. These necklaces are a gentle reminder that the beauty of nature not only persists, but can be found in the most unlikely places.

When you’re visiting the dejarnette shop, don’t forget to check out the Élégant, Naturel, Moderne, and Objet Trouvé collections.

Lila Ruby King and ArtMind

April 8, 2010 | by admin in jewelry, sculpture

Working with another artist is similar to a musical collaboration. The reward of a successful collaboration is a thing that cannot be produced by either of the artists working alone.

Mitsy (ArtMind) is a ceramic artist based in Belgium. Her work focuses on textures and feelings and you may already be familiar with her 99 feelings project. Take a peek into her kiln at the Artmind blog.

Anna (lilarubyking) is a jewellery designer, based in Athens, Greece that primarily works with metals, as well as natural materials such as wood and stones. She was recently a featured seller on Etsy. Check out her jewellery and illustration collections on the Lila Ruby King website.

Mitsy and Anna have been friends for a number of years, having gotten to know each other through Etsy. Towards the end of 2009, they decided to collaborate on some jewellery pieces. Anna had always loved the use of porcelain in jewellery, and it was a great surprise to her when Mitsy mentioned that she was interested in making some jewellery pieces together. Both of their work centers on textures and feelings, so their two mediums have fit together perfectly.

They had their first pieces ready by the beginning of 2010. The collaboration is ongoing, and each month they aim to add one or two new designs. All the pieces currently available are in the Lila Ruby King Etsy shop. In the next few months, they have plans to display in a couple of galleries in Europe.

You can follow them on Twitter @annaruby and @artmind.

Mini Mosaic

April 7, 2010 | by admin in jewelry

Alisa Wetzel created Mini Mosaic because she loved imagery on necklaces, but wanted the simplicity of one pendant that combined her love of design, fine art and jewelry. The centerpiece of the company is a uniquely designed pendant that allows the wearer to design their own jewelry by interchanging 78 (and counting) art tiles. Pick from modern patterns, vintage designs, or even replicas of classic fine art from artists such as Klimt, da Vinci and Botticelli.

They can even create custom tiles from your photos. Children, grandchildren, pets, team or company logos, your art, anything that you have the rights to, can be put on a tile. Just pull the silver chain up, slide the tile out, and replace it with whatever fits your mood.

Check out her blog and follow her on Twitter @MiniMosaic.

Sideoats and Scribbles

April 6, 2010 | by admin in blog

Lisa at Sideoats and Scribbles spreads sunny smiles with her blog about paper crafts, stamping, crochet, felt, nature, bicycles, and chocolate. She is a photo nut and has written several tutorials about photography. When she’s not blogging, she works full time for Hero Arts both as an artist/product designer and CTO writing software and running their website.

She makes the cutest Owlets and velcro accessories like chocolate donuts with lots of icing and sprinkles. The cloudy and sunny cards are a great idea for wishing someone a cloudy day. Don’t you think she should have an Etsy shop? I think so! In the meantime, follow her on Twitter @sideoats.

Featured on CSS Leak

April 6, 2010 | by admin in press

Website Bakery has been featured on CSS Leak, a web gallery that features the best designed websites from around the world. The designs are ordered by web design trends and by popularity.

Website Bakery is an exhibition and inspiration showcase gallery that aggregates art, design, web design, illustration, handmade, products, etc. Curated by Kimberly Coles, Creative Director, Illustrator and Web Designer.

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