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May 9, 2010 | by admin in handmade

Margarita Lorenzo is the designer behind Chocolate Creative, a multidisciplinary studio based in South London. After many years working mainly in graphics, her passion for textiles drove her to learn and discover new ways to apply her graphic knowledge to textiles.

Her works are sustainable, handmade interior textiles, combining traditional skills such as cross stitch, and embroidery with contemporary design tools and silk screen printing. The designs are inspired by traditional craft, antiques, vintage textiles and images. Taking inspiration from antiques and vintage designs makes for a unique twist on contemporary textiles.

When she is not working on her textiles, you can find her blogging away at:, a place where she archives everything she finds inspiring. For more images, check out her out on Flickr. Follow @choco_creative on Twitter.

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Margarita Lorenzo

Hello Kim,
Thanks so much for including my work on your Greta site!! Keep up with the good work.
Regards from London


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