Michael Dascola

November 29, 2010 | by admin in web design

Michael Dascola creates user-centered websites, consults on application usability and assists with web strategies. He has been using computers since 1982 and started his professional career as a graphic designer in 2000.

Most portfolio sites showcase what a person can do: their work and skill set. He decided to take a different turn by not only showing what he can do, but illustrating who he is. The site graphically speaks in metaphor with a simple message: he surrounds himself with high-tech toys, but he’s an old school guy to the core! You can see this metaphor displayed several times from the obvious, “My Techy Timeline,” showcasing his humble beginnings, to the not-so-obvious illustration of a guy playing Pong on a high def TV. The leg lamp, in the basement/footer, is an homage to one of his favorite movies as a child: A Christmas Story.

I really love the concept of the timeline infographic and see it as a unique differentiation from his design competition. It really gives the viewer a glimpse into his personal brand and is an alternative way to depict his extensive experience. It’s also something that could become even more of a powerful call-to-action element by allowing the user to click deeper into the past events that inspired the original timeline.

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