Shyama Golden

December 28, 2010 | by admin in art, web design

Designer, coder, illustrator, painter, photographer—Shyama Golden is basically a one woman shop for art and design. Like a good symphony, Shyama’s most impressive talent is her passion and power to integrate her varied skills into any project she’s working on. She is so talented that her website offers an embarrassment of design riches.

As a child, she learned how to write code because she figured one day this internet thing would help her share art with nice people all over the world. Back then, she would draw images one pixel at a time, make bad oil paintings, memorize defunct 1960s architecture books, and take pictures of neighborhood cats with her dad’s SLR camera. Since then, she has learned computer skills, painted things that aren’t ponies, lived in 3 countries, worked for Texas Monthly magazine for a few years, and then worked independently for a couple more (and counting).

While working on a project, she often posts photographs of each step of the process on her Flickr gallery. If you’d like to see where her story goes, follow @shyamagolden on Twitter.

I had to stop myself from posting her entire portfolio here. Enjoy!

* Images and content used with permission from artist.
Please do not distribute without first contacting the artist.

Katogi Mari

December 27, 2010 | by admin in illustration

Katogi Mari is a freelance illustrator from Tokyo, Japan. She finds inspiration in classic children’s tales and gives them a new perspective with pastel-based color palettes and intricate shapes and flower patterns.

Take a gander at her extensive Flickr portfolio and follow @KatogiMARI on Twitter.

* Images and content used with permission from artist.
Please do not distribute without first contacting the artist.


December 23, 2010 | by admin in illustration

Meluseena is an artist, illustrator and erstwhile creator-of-tales. Meluseena has been Lisa Falzon’s online alias ever since she’s been online (1998!). It’s a corruption of the name ‘Melusine’, who happens to be the heroine in a French fairytale that she loves. She currently lives in rural Ireland, but has lived in France and Malta. She thinks of herself as a citizen of the world.

She is a writer and illustrator working primarily in the digital medium. She done children’s book illustrations, book covers, CD covers, banners for buses, billboards. She published her first book 2008, called ‘Xi Mkien Iehor’, in her native language, Maltese. She used to take part in solo and group exhibitions, but has discovered that selling art directly to buyers all over the world is much more satisfactory.

Her rich digital work features a menagerie of fantastical characters built of hundreds of layers in Adobe Photoshop. She uses the airbrushing tool or a technique she calls digital collage. After being asked so often how she actually creates her digital collages, she decided to let the curious peek behind the curtain at The Queen and the Explorer, a work in progress.

Aside from creating visual art, which she sells as prints and unique collectible items in her Meluseena Etsy shop, she also owns an eccentric accessory indie business called Moth and BayLeaf. All of the fascinators, headpieces and accessories are unique and one-of-a-kind. The styling and photography here are sumptuously gorgeous!

Follow @meluseena on Twitter and see all her gorgeous works of art at the Flickr gallery.

* Images and content used with permission from artist.
Please do not distribute without first contacting the artist.

Cori Dantini

December 22, 2010 | by admin in illustration

Cori Dantini is an illustrator inspired by delicate lines, patterns and handwritten fragments of sentences. Each enchanting piece is truly a thin slice of the artist herself. Since graduating from WSU with a BFA, she has done everything in her power to make art a part of her living. She’s designed clip art, greeting cards, done commercial work, and created mixed media paintings for art/craft fairs and her wildly successful Corid Etsy shop.

She considers her mixed media pieces to be visual poems. Her art embraces the idea of moving past awkward moments and growing…branching out…flying away or perhaps just blooming, despite them. She fully enjoys the uncomfortable moments, the smaller parts of the greater whole—where truth can be found. Her work capture those moments, breaths or looks that you “think” you may have seen. Each of her pieces hand you that moment and then with each and every meeting thereafter, you and the artist are creating a new truth together.

In earlier times, when she was focused on greeting cards, she happened to hook up with an Art Director in Denver… and THAT is when her life as an Illustrator took off with such big-name clients as Dole and Starbucks. You can still see her fabulous works at the McStain website, a green homebuilder in Denver. As a Creative Director myself, I absolutely know that the best creative output happens when Illustrators, Art Directors and Designers work together in a collaborative way. Cori shows us that good Art Director relationships can be a wonderful influence on any Illustrator’s career and longevity.

If you love Cori’s whimsical works, take a trip on over to the Cori Dantini Makes Blog and follow her next great adventure @coriD on Twitter.

* Images and content used with permission from artist.
Please do not distribute without first contacting the artist.


December 21, 2010 | by admin in web design

Most interactive agencies are either right or left brained. At ECommerce Partners, they have both. As a comprehensive technology and marketing services provider, they offer a perfect balance of art and science to create interactive experiences that are as captivating as they are useful. Their right brain is the creative development division called 7Designers, because it was started by 7 creative giants. While more have joined in since, all share the same common goal: working closely with the left brain to create branding solutions that engage customers and boost bottom lines.

The immersive 7Designers site with their illustrated lab scientist characters has been one of my favorites for a number of years. It is a unique destination where mouse clicks allow the visitor to interact with the characters in the different labs. Their site truly reflects their dedication to a consistent, long-standing brand experience.

* Images and content used with permission from 7Designers.
Please do not distribute without first contacting the agency.


December 19, 2010 | by admin in sculpture

Cheong-ah Hwang of PaperNoodle hand crafts paper to create exquisite sculptures. The process to create a bas-relief paper structure takes hours and hours of sketching, cutting, scoring, folding, curling, embossing and coloring shape edges before gluing on top of one another. Because she plays with 2d and 3d elements at the same time in paper sculpture, she calls it the “2 1/2 dimension”.

When Cheong-ah was studying fine art in school, she happened to look at advertising design books and saw some wonderful paper sculptures. Immediately, she knew that this art form was going to be the vehicle of her expressions because the paper medium is a versatile, everyday material. When she was young, her parents ran a printing business in Korea, so she was always surrounded by all kinds of paper.

For a look at the step-by-step process, check out the “Making of Alice in Wonderland” set on Flickr.

Her PaperNoodle Etsy shop features original bas-relief paper sculptures and printed illustrations.

* Images and content used with permission from artist.
Please do not distribute without first contacting the artist.

Wendy Ding

December 17, 2010 | by admin in illustration

Wendy Ding is an illustrator based in Toronto, Canada with an obsession for all things fun, pretty and exciting. Her specialty is digital illustration with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Music, fashion, pin-up girls, and food are her biggest sources of inspiration.

I originally found her through the Food Girls series, yummy illustrations inspired by tasty treats, sexy pin-up girls and whimsical imagination. She wanted the girls to evoke memories at a carnival candy stand with the thrill of a sugar rush. I love looking through the old blog posts to see the original sketches and digital progression of the Food Girls.

She also created one of my favorite infographic tutorials featured in Digital Arts (UK) magazine and website. For the Flickr Skirt Stats, she gathered data on skirt lengths, their wearers and locations from The bar graph, area map and legend all come together to explain the skirt wearer’s relationships.

In 2009, she was commissioned to create environment illustrations for singer, Melissa O’Neil’s website. The environment concepts are based on places she has lived and places she wants to visit. The result is a detailed interactive world that shifts to a different section when clicked. Wendy did the sketches in pen on paper and colored them digitally. I can’t wait to see the website launch.

Want more Food Girls? Check out her shop for signed prints.

Follow @wendyding on Twitter.

* Images and content used with permission from artist.
Please do not distribute without first contacting the artist.

Marisol Spoon

December 16, 2010 | by admin in art

Marisol Spoon are a wife and husband artist team hailing from the beautiful Appalachian mountains. Nature’s enchantment, vintage aesthetics, off beat tales, and classical painting are some of their inspirations.

As well, they are one of several artists who feature their work on the Polarity Locket Artist’s Series.

Follow @marisolspoon and their blog for the latest updates.

Templar Studios

December 13, 2010 | by admin in web design

Here be internet veterans, Templar Studios! They are a design and technology studio specializing in games and interactive entertainment. As one of the most innovative studios around, their games and interactive content are used for marketing, promotions, product simulation and online communities. With a focus on strong narratives, innovative technology and exciting animation, they have been producing award-winning games and websites since 1998. They’ve worked with such amazing companies as The LEGO Group, HBO, Noggin /MTV Networks, National Geographic and BMG/RCA Records.

The immersive Templar site has been one of my favorites for a number of years. The latest incarnation of the site launched in 2010, is a medieval castle where visitors can wander through the great halls and chambers, and learn about Templar and their award-winning video game development. From the moment the screen loads, you are drawn into fantastic animations, ambient sounds and intricate artwork. It is a unique destination where mouse clicks bring you to secret places. Their goal is to create a games that can stand on their own, but are actually part of an entire brand experience. Their own site truly reflects their dedication to a quality brand experience.

* Images and content used with permission from Templar Studios.
Please do not distribute without first contacting the agency.


December 8, 2010 | by admin in handmade, product

Cat Ivins, the fabulous owner and designer of Olive Bites Studio creates sustainable and recycled jewelry and homewears. She ingeniously uses repurposed, recycled and sustainable cork and recycled steel materials in order to leave the lightest possible footprint in her wake. Her line of industrial steel jewelry turns one piece of jewelry into many with the interchangeable lids.

At Polarity, she has also successfully illustrated the staggering potential of collaborative thinking by partnering with other creative Etsians and growing as a collective phenomenon. She has consistently invited several Etsy artists to feature their work on the Polarity Locket Artist’s Series. She has shown that if done in the right spirit, can generate a rich variety of different perspectives and offerings. That’s because the artists she has chosen are magically unique. Her endorsement of diversity—letting the artists retain their individuality while combining their talents—created the cooperative synthesis that made her vision a reality. Even back in 2009, she was already getting positive response in her Etsy Featured Seller interview.

“…the positive response in my Polarity shop for my new artist series of lockets has amazed me. Promoting and supporting other artists has a way of working its way back to you in surprising ways.”

As a Creative Director who has worked with many diverse designers over the years to come up with unique solutions to cut through the clutter, I have to say… I LOVE THIS STRATEGY! It’s absolutely true that the communal mind is an immensely larger loom that can generate something immeasurably more creative than the products of any solitary artist or designer.

See for yourself! She has chosen a very talented group of artists to help represent her products:

Check out Cat’s other Etsy shop at Uncorked. Follow @uncorkeducation on Twitter.

* Images and content used with permission from artist.
Please do not distribute without first contacting the artist.

Damer Builders

December 6, 2010 | by admin in web design

Damer Builders is a multi-award winning Australian company that has been established in the building, home renovation and restoration industry for many years. As a member of the Master Builders Association, our quality and workmanship speaks for itself. Damer Builders is a family owned and operated company, implementing many traditional values and beliefs to exciting projects, specifically renovations and restorations of homes to exceed their former glory. Throughout the years, Damer Builders have gained much experience in their industry, constantly gaining praise for the professionalism and hard work they put into each and every project. In fact, they were recently awarded the 2008 Master Builders Association Excellence in building award and the 2010 Excellence in Housing Award.

They approached Sharp Creative Agency to re-invigorate their brand online and to create a cutting-edge online showcase that lived up to the high standard of their portfolio. Sharp stepped up to the challenge with enthusiasm, delivering a website that focused on stunning photographs of their work. Drawing from inspiration from traditional magazine layouts, a spacious feel was given with near full screen photography, and cutting edge web standards to deliver engaging animation while maintaining compatibility on mobile devices and the widest possible range of browsers.

* Images and content used with permission from the designer.
Please do not distribute without first contacting the agency or company.

Featured on Etsy Twitter Team

December 6, 2010 | by admin in press

After being a member of the Etsy Twitter Team for over 2 years, I am honored to be this week’s Shop of the Week. The Etsy Twitter Team has a weekly interview showcasing the some of the most talented ETT team members and their mission is to bring Etsy sellers together who use Twitter to become the authority on Twitter for all things handmade.

Polarity has partnered with several Etsy artists to feature their work on her Artist’s Series jewelry. I am honored to be included in that group of talented artists with my own set of lockets and rings.

Thanks to the ETT team members for all their mentions and promoting my shop and the Website Bakery!

Steve Lowtwait

December 1, 2010 | by admin in illustration

Steve Lowtwait is an artist and entrepreneur living in the creativity-infused Boulder, Colorado. He specializes in travel and event posters, logos and cartooning. His artwork draws upon various stylistic influences – often vintage, sometimes modern, usually a mix of both – for a timeless aesthetic. Described as “artwork that celebrates places you love,” is a treasure trove of vintage-style posters that tell stories with shape, color, typography and emotion.

The Home Sweetest Home Collection allows anyone to commission a distinctive work of art to celebrate their own home’s architecture. The town and landmark posters are perfect for city promotion, chambers of commerce and visitor’s bureaus.

“The influence that is most apparent in my work is that of vintage poster design,” Steve says on his website. “However, my intent is not to create art as if it belongs to a bygone era. Rather, I combine the idyllic sentiments of the past with contemporary influences to create a timeless image.”

As a web designer who has illustrated many a website headers and banners, I especially enjoyed his informative article and case studies on The Pirate and Value of Website Illustration.

View his online poster shop at CampSteve Artwork Mercantile. At Camplify, he’s bringing back the covered wagon with a new way of camping that blends modern design with our pioneer heritage. Check out the Camping 3.0 blog to learn more about starting a camping business.

Follow @CampSteve on Twitter.

* Images and content used with permission from artist.
Please do not distribute without first contacting the artist.

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