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Shyama Golden

Posted December 28th by admin in art, web design

Designer, coder, illustrator, painter, photographer—Shyama Golden is basically a one woman shop for art and design. Like a good symphony, Shyama’s most impressive talent is her passion and power to integrate her varied skills into any project she’s working on. She is so talented that her website offers an embarrassment of design riches. As a […]


Marisol Spoon

Posted December 16th by admin in art

Marisol Spoon are a wife and husband artist team hailing from the beautiful Appalachian mountains. Nature’s enchantment, vintage aesthetics, off beat tales, and classical painting are some of their inspirations. As well, they are one of several artists who feature their work on the Polarity Locket Artist’s Series. Follow @marisolspoon and their blog for the […]


Claudia Hek

Posted November 15th by admin in art, illustration

Thick lines and lovely ladies, that’s what Dutch autodidact artist Claudia Hek , age 34, is all about. Inspired by Pop Art, old school tattoo imagery and 40’s & 50’s pin-ups, Claudia Hek’s work reflects her view of beauty that sends a bright spark into the world. Using bright colors and primarily women’s figures in […]


Fawn Fruits

Posted November 3rd by admin in art

Fawn Fruits aka Daniel Hyun Lim is an illustrator based in Los Angeles. He is currently an illustration instructor at Otis college of Art and Design, Santa Monica College and Red Engine Studios. He’s an amazingly talented intuitive artist who doesn’t sketch out an elaborate design, but relishes the spontaneity of the art and moves […]


Danita Art

Posted October 18th by admin in art

The artist known as Danita Art is a self-taught mixed media folk artist who makes adorable original art, dolls, collages, jewelry ACEOs and more. Because art exists in her life in many different forms, she must have an amazing boost in creative energy every day. She experiments with different techniques and media to let her […]


Dilka Bear

Posted October 1st by admin in art

Dilkabear creates dreamy worlds filled with delicate doll-like characters, wee pet friends and arcadian landscapes. Her characters are at the same time beautiful and unsettling. Her vision translates into a feast for the eyes, mind, and soul. I love looking through the Flickr gallery to see the evolution of her style. Dilka’s artwork is available […]


Kelly Vivanco

Posted September 8th by admin in art

Kelly Vivanco is subtle in her approach to symbolism. She seems to merely whisper that something important happened to the soulful maidens in her paintings. For me, her works are reminiscent of the Pre-Raphaelites with their startling palette of rich earthy colors, abundant detail, and introspective heroines in a dreamlike never-never-land. She has obviously inspired […]


Carrie Ann Baade

Posted August 28th by admin in art

Carrie Ann Baade is an internationally exhibiting artist whose surreal oil paintings are rich with allegorical meta-narratives inspired by literature and art history. She is also currently an Professor of Painting and Drawing at Florida State University. Her imaginative portraits and narratives are informed by religion and mythology. Gods, rulers, demons, and monsters play out […]


Alex Kuno

Posted August 20th by admin in art

Alex Kuno depicts the folly and sinfulness of humankind in the wide-eyed and morose children with terrible secrets in the ever-changing story he refers to as “The Miscreants of Tiny Town”. His paintings recall the earthy, unsentimental, vivid genre paintings of Brueghel and some of his other influences on the series are Otto Dix, Beatrix […]


Michela Muserra

Posted August 18th by admin in art

The characters created by Michela Muserra are inspired by the manga and anime style, and partially to the typical disproportion of the Kokeshi dolls. Large heads and dreaming eyes are physical attributes that refer to the childhood and cartoon world. Her work can be defined as “kawaii”, a Japanese term corresponds to the English “cute” […]



Posted August 16th by admin in art

Nobody does it better than Elsa “Elsita” Mora, one of my favorite multimedia artists with a seemingly infinite evolution of ideas. In case anyone from art school is hovering, her awe-inspiring artworks grab your attention and make the most of every last detail. Her creations span so many media, it’s no wonder she is one […]


Lesley Reppeteaux

Posted August 12th by admin in art

Born in Nova Scotia, Canada, Lesley Reppeteaux is a published comic book author and illustrator and has exhibited her paintings at galleries such as Thinkspace, Copro/Nason, La Luz De Jesus, Gallery 1988, Strychnin, Last Rites, as well as many esteemed international galleries. She has been featured in King Brown, Hi-Fructose, Art Prostitute, Xfubs and Lemonade […]


Jennybird Alcantara

Posted July 27th by admin in art

I have admired the work of Jennybird Alcantara since I first stumbled across her website in 2005. Even then, her enigmatic and thought-provoking paintings and sketches explored the darker realms of human nature. It’s hard not to mistake the artist when encountering one of her many provocative works set in subversive, mythological worlds. I would […]


Philip Straub

Posted July 25th by admin in art

Philip Straub is a well-known fine artist and digital illustrator who creates breathtaking, magical masterpieces. His luminous and meticulously detailed digital and traditional oil paintings have classical influences but are purely based on the fantastic. Philip focuses on invoking an emotional response from his images through composition, color, light and subject matter. Although a conceptual […]


Ludovic Jacqz

Posted July 5th by admin in art

Ludovic Jacqz is a French artist living in Bordeaux with an affinity towards portraying melancholy young females with gemstone eye details in dreamlike atmospheres. Influenced by Japanese animation and works in watercolor, markers, paints, crayons and Bic, Photoshop and Illustrator. Follow @BeyondtheChuch on Twitter. * Images and content used with permission from artist. Please do […]


Martin Romero

Posted July 3rd by admin in art

Martin Romero is a Visual Effects Artist and 3D generalist currently teaching online fx classes at the Academy of Art University where he is also pursuing a masters in visual effects. He specializes in the creation of visual effects and also photo realistic texturing and lighting using tools such as Maya, 3Ds Max, Photoshop, After […]


Alexia Sinclair

Posted May 31st by admin in art, photography

Blurring the line between painting and photography, Alexia Sinclair is an award-winning Australian Fine Art photographer and digital artist. The dark, seductive, baroque and symbolic pictures in her portfolio are made up of different photographs blended to form one image. Backgrounds are often shot in a diverse range of locations to get the components of […]


Brigid Ashwood

Posted May 26th by admin in art

Brigid Ashwood’s art could be described as Contemporary Figurative Mythic Surrealism. But the artist prefers to qualify her work this way: “I paint steampunk bugs, clockwork dolls, fairytales & vinyl toys. I seek to reinterpret mythic and fairytale worlds and heroines’ for a new audience.” The world of Brigid Ashwood is one where clockwork creatures […]


Marmee Craft

Posted May 17th by admin in art

Marjorie Liucci has a flair for portraying the sweet and innocent side of life at Marmee Craft. I would love to step inside her enchanting world of dapper little creatures with proper names. She presents us with all sorts of curious whimsy dreamt up during her long forest wanderings. As with the Pre-Raphaelite painters, her […]



Posted May 13th by admin in art

Strangeling rules the Empire on which the sun never sets! The art of Jasmine Becket-Griffith is everywhere. Her world-renowned fantasy art paintings have appeared in books, television shows, movies, magazines, advertisements, tattoo parlours, theme parks, lines of collectibles through the Bradford Exchange and Hamilton Collection and hundreds of different licensed merchandise products at thousands of […]


Amanda Valdes

Posted May 10th by admin in art

Born in Miami and raised in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, Amanda Valdes has broken new ground in the West Palm Beach Art Scene with a vision that appeals to the masses. Picking up a paintbrush at the age of two, she began painting with all of the whimsy and fantasy that she still does today. […]


Ash Lethal

Posted May 5th by admin in art

Ashleigh Fedo, also known as Ash Lethal, is an independent artist with an established a private design studio based in Atlanta. Primarily a self-taught artist, she has been exposing her art through local publications, gallery shows, murals, and custom designing for projects such as merchandise design and album art. Her distinctive style, subject and color […]


The Hermitage

Posted April 27th by admin in art

The Hermitage is the online home of Rima Staines, illustrator, painter and maker of things and teller of tales. Although she was born a Londoner in the 20th century, she has always had one foot in Early Medieval Europe. She travelled for a year and a day in a hand-built wooden house-on-wheels and is now […]


Shiori Matsumoto

Posted April 12th by admin in art

Shiori Matsumoto is influenced by surrealism, symbolism, modern illustration, and Japanese subculture. Her oil paintings are dreamlike, melancholy and cryptic atmospheres with girls who play with imagination and try to change the world with their own ritual. She was recently part of the Dreamscape group exhibition the Netherlands. Dreamscape unites art movements like magic realism, […]



Posted March 24th by admin in art

Interference salt & pepper shakers were designed by Tina Tsang of Undergrowth Design. Described by the designer as “Victorian dolls who got trapped by a TV set that fell out of the sky”. While you’re there, check out the extremely detailed handmade Blaue Blume Tea Set with legs wearing golden shoes to grasp coming off […]



Posted March 16th by admin in art

In the early days of my design career, I had hands-on experience working in a prepress shop that provided support to major printing companies. Originally, we used an IRIS printer as a prepress proofing device, but quickly learned that Graham Nash (of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young) was an early adopter of the technology for […]


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