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Posted December 8th by admin in handmade, product

Cat Ivins, the fabulous owner and designer of Olive Bites Studio creates sustainable and recycled jewelry and homewears. She ingeniously uses repurposed, recycled and sustainable cork and recycled steel materials in order to leave the lightest possible footprint in her wake. Her line of industrial steel jewelry turns one piece of jewelry into many with […]


Fran Bishop

Posted November 10th by admin in handmade

Fran Bishop is a designer of many creations. She has designed large 3-dimensional art installations, holographic drumsticks, Gothic Victorian home decor items, erotic photographic installations, personalized photo tile wall installations, set designs for props for the theater and her current passion, artisan jewelry. I love the adorably cute Hobbit style playhouse she has listed on […]


Cart Before the Horse

Posted November 9th by admin in handmade

Jo James and Dylan Curry of Cart Before the Horse are a husband and wife artistic duo making incredibly creative folk art dolls inspired by storybook characters and curiosities. Their shop is a treasure room of intricate wonders for modern collectors of the strange and marvelous. Jo is the designer, sculptor, and painter and Dylan […]


Anne Holman

Posted November 5th by admin in handmade, jewelry

I love my exquisite Anne Holman vintage map pendant of Edinburgh, Scotland made from an antique world atlas. Originally, I bought this necklace from for my husband because his family is from Scotland. Though, he doesn’t know that I secretly kept it for myself! Anne Holman’s portfolio of custom metal work is hand made one […]



Posted October 27th by admin in handmade, illustration

Andrea Sardo, the artist known as Munieca loves to draw, paint and make collages with paper. The name of her Etsy store means “doll” in Spanish. She creates unique accessories using her soft and sweet illustrations and is inspired by the Asian culture, anime, kawaii and folklore. Her cute little character dolls, birds and flowers […]


Felted Fido

Posted September 11th by admin in handmade

FeltedFido’s intricate needle felted dog designs are gorgeous. Each custom sculpture is created using a wire armature wrapped in fleece and stabbed thousands of times with a single barbed needle. Roughly 12-24 hours of work goes into each piece. The noses are sculpted from fimo clay and sealed to give a healthy wet look. She […]



Posted August 24th by admin in handmade

lightexture creates unique designer lamps that incorporate clay, porcelain, ready-made objects, lighting components and more. One of their goals is to create energy efficient fixtures, while maintaining focus on their atmospheric and spatial performance. Their dazzling illuminations are the result of a collaboration between Architect Yael Erel and lighting designer Avner Ben Natan. They design […]


Ancient Grove

Posted August 19th by admin in handmade

To wear a piece of art, is to participate in it’s story. It is about forming an emotional link with the piece and realizing you are a work of art yourself. Sonya Lindsay of Ancient Grove doesn’t just create simple costumes, she creates wearable art in the form of one-of-a-kind fairy wings, fairy costumes, and […]


A Fanciful Twist

Posted May 25th by admin in blog, handmade

A Fanciful Twist artist and blogger, Vanessa Valencia, weaves her tales of art and life with a dash of humor and a sprinkle of drama. I can’t recall exactly what year I found the Fanciful Twist blog, but I’ve read every post. I truly believe she must have more than 24 hours on her daily […]


Chocolate Creative

Posted May 9th by admin in handmade

Margarita Lorenzo is the designer behind Chocolate Creative, a multidisciplinary studio based in South London. After many years working mainly in graphics, her passion for textiles drove her to learn and discover new ways to apply her graphic knowledge to textiles. Her works are sustainable, handmade interior textiles, combining traditional skills such as cross stitch, […]



Posted May 3rd by admin in handmade

Antiquity, victorian photographs, and industrial cast-off materials–combine all of these elements together and you’ve yourself got a Ghosthaus Magic Lantern. Using only electrical supplies and turn-of-last-century photographs encased in antique 35mm glass slides, Victor Vague of has created a handmade candle holder that people across the board, from settled-in suburbanites to 30-something artsy hipsters, […]


Magic Yam

Posted April 23rd by admin in handmade, toys

The simplest things make me smile! Years ago, I found the pocket-sized Pet Rock Plushies at the Magic Yam shop on Etsy. The squishy little fleece friends are the plushiest little stones you’ll ever meet. Pet Rocks and cozy rockpiles make cute, simple little presents for anyone who could use a pal or an office […]


Splatgirl Creates

Posted April 22nd by admin in handmade

Splatgirl Creates has an ever-changing lineup of expertly handmade handbags and accessories. Everything in her shop is original, designed from scratch and and meticulously crafted. It is also the home of one of my favorite custom purchases on Etsy, the MOOPocket. My personal MOOPocket clip-on with grey pinstripe with orange lining has been going strong […]



Posted April 21st by admin in handmade

“I do not understand how anyone can live without one small place of enchantment to turn to.” – Margorie Kinnan Rawlings At Lilliput Loft, you will discover items that are totally unnecessary but absolutely essential. Every piece carefully created with much love and whimsy, to make your everyday enchanted and originates from a desire to […]


The Tiny Tiara

Posted April 19th by admin in handmade

Coral Armour of The Tiny Tiara is a self-taught artist originally from California. As a child, fairy tales allowed her an escape into worlds that paralleled the ones inside her own mind. As an adult, she has translated her love for fairy tales into her handmade items by making paper diorama theaters, snow globes and […]



Posted April 5th by admin in handmade

Paivi Eerola of Kukkilintu makes small folk bags and pouches that combine combine knitting, crochet and fabric. “Kukkilintu” is an old, bird like symbol from Karelia. It was often embroidered to the textiles as a sign of happiness. Her handcrafted gifts have the same goal – bring happiness to you and your friends’ everyday life. […]


Lyndie Dourthe

Posted March 29th by admin in handmade

“A bit of botany, a little voodoo, a little anatomy, and a hint of superstition … the workshop of Lyndie Dourthe is a cabinet of minuscule curiosities.” In her laboratory, she transforms textiles and paper to create unusual three-dimensional dioramas and accessories. Tweet


Princess Haylee

Posted March 3rd by admin in handmade

Princess Haylee’s mom was inspired by her five year old to make beautiful, affordable hairbows. All items are made with quality ribbon and are heat sealed to prevent fraying. Visit Princess Haylee on Etsy. Tweet


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