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Rubens Cantuni

Posted March 24th by admin in illustration

The illustrations at Tokyo Candies are like a candy-coated dream, suggesting stories that are not quite of this world. With an extreme mix of opposite concepts, Rubens Cantuni has shaped an unorthodox collection of bold vector illustrations that are visually intriguing. It is this contrast of cute and evil that makes his work so appealing. […]


Jenny Meilihove

Posted March 23rd by admin in illustration

Meet Jenny Meilihove of My Tiny World. She is a freelance illustrator living in Tel Aviv, in a small room with a big table and two big windows where she can see a piece of sky and trees, sometimes a cloud passing by… sometimes a bird… and most of the time you can find her […]



Posted March 22nd by admin in illustration

Zutto is a self-taught vector freelance illustrator based in Russia who sees the unusual in usual things. Her illustrations are full of vibrant colors, fantasy characters and dreamy scenes. She describes her art as being small worlds that appear in her head and are not not easily expressed in words. Like most successful illustrators, she […]


Museum of Modern Tweets

Posted March 11th by admin in illustration

An idea so clever, many illustrators are probably wishing they had thought of it first! At the Museum of Modern Tweets, artist Odessa Begay uses celebrity tweets as inspiration for some wonderfully random illustrations that will make you laugh out loud. Each one even includes the original mundane tweet—typos and all—to show the inspiration for […]


Mischief Champion

Posted March 8th by admin in illustration

Mischief Champion is a collection of simple line drawings from German artist Katrin Hagen that are based on every day experiences and thoughts. Sometimes harsh, sometimes silly—other times, they’re quite insane. Her wry, insightful sense of humor often pokes fun at uncomfortable situations. And with regard to that topic, you just can’t help but laugh! […]


My Dead Pony

Posted March 4th by admin in illustration

Raphaël Vicenzi, aka mydeadpony, is a self-taught illustrator that lives in Brussels, Belgium. His work has been featured at Computer Arts, Advanced Photoshop and others. His distinctive style is a mix of soft and delicate lines. I love the expressive line quality that searches for the essence of the subject—and is sometimes left unfinished. This […]


Laughing Lion Design

Posted February 24th by admin in illustration

Laughing Lion Design is the home of Jennifer Farley’s design and illustration portfolio. She also been instructing in Photoshop and Illustrator for over eight years. As well as talking the talk, she walks the walk by using Photoshop and Illustrator on a daily basis for her design work. For anyone interested, there are over 100 […]


Julia Sonmi Heglund

Posted February 7th by admin in illustration

Julia Sonmi Heglund is a freelance illustrator and designer who specializes in freehand illustration, hand-drawn typography, t-shirt designs, gig posters, graphic design, flash animation, photo retouching, color correcting, music composition and audio mixing. Check out sonmisonmi’s Flickr photostream. * Images and content used with permission from artist. Please do not distribute without first contacting the […]


Johan Thörnqvist

Posted January 17th by admin in illustration

Swedish illustrator Johan Thörnqvist lives in an imaginary world where reality and fiction are mixed together. By combining illustrative elements of cityscapes and interesting characters, he is able to transform a mundane photograph into ingenious works of art. Tweet


Katogi Mari

Posted December 27th by admin in illustration

Katogi Mari is a freelance illustrator from Tokyo, Japan. She finds inspiration in classic children’s tales and gives them a new perspective with pastel-based color palettes and intricate shapes and flower patterns. Take a gander at her extensive Flickr portfolio and follow @KatogiMARI on Twitter. * Images and content used with permission from artist. Please […]



Posted December 23rd by admin in illustration

Meluseena is an artist, illustrator and erstwhile creator-of-tales. Meluseena has been Lisa Falzon’s online alias ever since she’s been online (1998!). It’s a corruption of the name ‘Melusine’, who happens to be the heroine in a French fairytale that she loves. She currently lives in rural Ireland, but has lived in France and Malta. She […]


Cori Dantini

Posted December 22nd by admin in illustration

Cori Dantini is an illustrator inspired by delicate lines, patterns and handwritten fragments of sentences. Each enchanting piece is truly a thin slice of the artist herself. Since graduating from WSU with a BFA, she has done everything in her power to make art a part of her living. She’s designed clip art, greeting cards, […]


Wendy Ding

Posted December 17th by admin in illustration

Wendy Ding is an illustrator based in Toronto, Canada with an obsession for all things fun, pretty and exciting. Her specialty is digital illustration with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Music, fashion, pin-up girls, and food are her biggest sources of inspiration. I originally found her through the Food Girls series, yummy illustrations inspired by tasty […]


Steve Lowtwait

Posted December 1st by admin in illustration

Steve Lowtwait is an artist and entrepreneur living in the creativity-infused Boulder, Colorado. He specializes in travel and event posters, logos and cartooning. His artwork draws upon various stylistic influences – often vintage, sometimes modern, usually a mix of both – for a timeless aesthetic. Described as “artwork that celebrates places you love,” is […]


Art & Ghosts

Posted November 19th by admin in illustration

Louise of Art & Ghosts is an artist that truly understands what type of story she is trying to tell and perfectly captures the visual essence of the unknown… the mysterious. Though, the creative act is not performed by her alone; the spectator deciphers it and thus adds their contribution to it. While she prefers […]


Claudia Hek

Posted November 15th by admin in art, illustration

Thick lines and lovely ladies, that’s what Dutch autodidact artist Claudia Hek , age 34, is all about. Inspired by Pop Art, old school tattoo imagery and 40’s & 50’s pin-ups, Claudia Hek’s work reflects her view of beauty that sends a bright spark into the world. Using bright colors and primarily women’s figures in […]



Posted October 27th by admin in handmade, illustration

Andrea Sardo, the artist known as Munieca loves to draw, paint and make collages with paper. The name of her Etsy store means “doll” in Spanish. She creates unique accessories using her soft and sweet illustrations and is inspired by the Asian culture, anime, kawaii and folklore. Her cute little character dolls, birds and flowers […]


Roadside Projects

Posted October 17th by admin in illustration

In the Three-Dimensional Design class at SCAD, we translated 2D forms into 3D foam core models. So, I know firsthand that the materialization of a flat piece of paper or board into a 3D form is a difficult process and takes quite a lot of patience. After starting over several times and leaving class to […]


MrWong’s Soup’Partments

Posted September 30th by admin in illustration

MrWong’s Soup’Partments is a long terminated pixel art collaboration project where artists designed a floor of an apartment skyscraper in isometric view. Over four hundred people pixelized their apartments one pixel at a time to build the world’s tallest virtual building online back. Although occupancy is no longer available, it’s still worth to visit to […]


Candace Jean

Posted September 28th by admin in illustration

Candace Jean is a self-taught artist and has shown in many galleries and storefronts around Salt Lake. She grew up in a creative family with five younger siblings and two very artistic parents; submerged in an environment that constantly cultivated imagination and a curiosity for her surroundings. Still today, she retains her wonder of the […]



Posted September 21st by admin in illustration

Charuca is character designer who first started to make noise online through the Mondotrendy Megamoder e-zine that was born in 2001. I first stumbled across that project in January 2003 when scouring the web for pixel illustrators. Mondotrendy was originally a joint project between the illustrator Paul Moreno and Charuca. When they started the website, […]


Elena Dudina

Posted September 18th by admin in illustration

Elena Dudina turns fantasy into reality in her rich Photoshop illustrations. She was awarded as the Best Photo Manipulator during the Deviant Awards 2009-2010. Elena doesn’t have a personal website, but sells prints via Deviant Art. * Images and content used with permission from artist. Please do not distribute without first contacting the artist. Tweet


Mary Kate McDevitt

Posted September 18th by admin in illustration, typography

Mary Kate McDevitt is an illustrator that specializes in naive painterly art and hand-lettered typography with a witty, quirky point of view. Her custom designed hand lettering is expressive and immediately communicates the mood of her artworks and Mini Goals Chalkboards. She gives life to words – the way ordinary type never will. Her Mini […]


And thereby hangs a tale

Posted September 15th by admin in illustration

Tis but an hour ago since it was nine, And after one hour more ’twill be eleven; And so, from hour to hour, we ripe and ripe, And then, from hour to hour, we rot and rot; And thereby hangs a tale. As You Like It, Shakespeare Kimberly Coles Illustration. Tweet


Design for Chunks

Posted August 15th by admin in illustration

Every now and again, I wander over to check on the Design for Chunks website. Created as a side project by Oz Dean of forcefeed:swede, it was an online exhibition site exploring the art of in-flight sickness bags that has run since 2000. They collaborated with Virgin Atlantic in 2004 and half a million bags […]


Tyler Stout

Posted August 5th by admin in illustration

I’m a big fan of Tyler Stout’s intricately detailed illustrations. His limited edition movie posters are nostalgic, visual celebrations of some of the quintessential 80′s cult classics. In fact, I have his “Lost Boys” and “Blade Runner” posters hanging in my studio. His limited edition prints sell-out very quickly. I’m still kicking myself for missing […]


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