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Posted March 9th by admin in jewelry

Working with another artist is similar to a musical collaboration. The reward of a successful collaboration is a thing that cannot be produced by either of the artists working alone. Trisha Brookbank and Brian Burkhardt are talented sculptors who joined their ideas and skills to create the Triian line of jewelry. They hand-fabricate, sand, polish […]


Anne Holman

Posted November 5th by admin in handmade, jewelry

I love my exquisite Anne Holman vintage map pendant of Edinburgh, Scotland made from an antique world atlas. Originally, I bought this necklace from for my husband because his family is from Scotland. Though, he doesn’t know that I secretly kept it for myself! Anne Holman’s portfolio of custom metal work is hand made one […]


Wilton Artisans

Posted September 20th by admin in jewelry

There’s nothing like cracking open an ice cold soda pop on a hot day. And these uniquely dome-shaped jewelry pieces made from reclaimed bottle caps are just as cool and refreshing as a fizzy sweet soda. Beth Crowell of Wilton Artisans loves the idea of taking old bottle caps and recycling them into something that’s […]


Yoav Kotik

Posted July 21st by admin in jewelry

Yoav Kotik, the designer of the “precious metal” jewelry line, gives new life to scrap objects that have terminated their original purpose. Collecting mostly metal items, caps and cans, he polishes them from the dust of the road to fulfill their vast potential, revealing layers and exposing emotions from their “past life”. He bends, folds, […]


Peaceable Empire

Posted June 26th by admin in jewelry

Peaceable Empire is a line by Kir Moore, launched in September 2009. Inspiration came when Kir was standing on a bluff overlooking a sea of humanity at a hippie concert in northern California. The swirl of tie-dyed t-shirts, the contact-high, and a light buzz from some screw-top rosé transported her from her hectic urban lifestyle […]


Gyöngyvér Gaál

Posted May 29th by admin in jewelry

The captivating “ring with photo” from Hungaria’s Gaál Gyöngyvér was made in 2004 from silver, gold and Ulexite. Ulexite has the ability to transmit images through natural fibers. These mineral specimens of hydrated sodium calcium borate are composed of thousands of fibrous fragments which transmit light. When the polished bottom surface of Ulexite is placed […]


Robin and the Sage

Posted May 23rd by admin in jewelry

Delila Jemaiel lives in the middle of wild nature in Finland and creates quite earthy jewelry inspired by woodland, faeries and the magical realm. She works in a little studio where all kinds of antique curiosities and nature treasures encircle her; wildflowers, nature themed assemblages, bundles of fabrics and beads, antique findings, nature books and […]


Creative Blok

Posted May 21st by admin in jewelry

Where else can you find a stunning diamond necklace for just $25? Creative Blok was founded by graphic designer Irina Blok, who finds inspiration in what’s happening in the world now. Creative Blok’s mission is to design amusing products that challenge the perception of objective reality. The designs are created by juxtaposing two seemingly incompatible […]


Woodland Belle

Posted May 15th by admin in jewelry

Mai McKemy at Woodland Belle and the Woodland Belle Etsy shop creates rustic woodland-themed jewelry and hair accessories with intricate details that blend sophistication with playfulness. The Butterfly Collection Necklace is brimming with detailed 3D butterfly photographs of real specimens housed in a handmade antique copper frame and covered by glass. The Tiny Moss and […]



Posted April 13th by admin in illustration, jewelry

Spanish artist Verónica de Arriba is also known as depeapa. Depeapa was born out of the idea to give new life to her melancholy illustrations by taking the originals and making them into accessories made of felt, wood, paper. Her cameo brooches are hand-sewn and decorated with an edge of felt with a naive style […]



Posted April 9th by admin in jewelry

Katherine Dejarnette Babin of dejarnette New Orleans, creates unique pieces of jewelry from found objects and semi-precious stones. The Curiositiés collection is a reworking of vintage trinkets and quirky objets d’art. In fact, all of the different collections reference a hodgepodge of eras by repurposing objects into eye-catching adornments with a modern feel. The Plume […]


Lila Ruby King and ArtMind

Posted April 8th by admin in jewelry, sculpture

Working with another artist is similar to a musical collaboration. The reward of a successful collaboration is a thing that cannot be produced by either of the artists working alone. Mitsy (ArtMind) is a ceramic artist based in Belgium. Her work focuses on textures and feelings and you may already be familiar with her 99 […]


Mini Mosaic

Posted April 7th by admin in jewelry

Alisa Wetzel created Mini Mosaic because she loved imagery on necklaces, but wanted the simplicity of one pendant that combined her love of design, fine art and jewelry. The centerpiece of the company is a uniquely designed pendant that allows the wearer to design their own jewelry by interchanging 78 (and counting) art tiles. Pick […]


Amy Pfaffman

Posted April 1st by admin in jewelry

Amy Pfaffman specializes in turning everyday objects into functional art. Her one-of-a-kind jewelry is made of everything from locker tags and knitting needles to pocket watch keys and coffee beans. Because I’ve made my own jewelry from vintage cigar labels in the past, I’m especially inspired by her tobacco tin label necklaces. The tin tags […]


Glass Onion Studios

Posted March 27th by admin in jewelry

I remember reading through the December 2007 issue of Bead & Button magazine and seeing the recycled metal beads advertisement for Glass Onion Studios. The distinctive cylindrical pendants are made from recycled metal found at antique shops and flea markets. Handmade by Debbi Austin, the beads feature metal from vintage found-objects, including old toys, games, […]



Posted March 24th by admin in jewelry

Switchring is a unique interchangeable two-piece plastic ring. The affordable, playful colorful rings have many swappable wedge-shaped inserts in different colors, themes and designs from bugs to crystals. I love the idea behind the branding, packaging and the instructional infographics. If you’re willing to take a risk, order the random package with a grab bag […]



Posted March 22nd by admin in jewelry

Plumevine enchanted art jewelry by Lorianne Jäntti is created entirely by hand from resin clay which is sculpted meticulously and embellished with a wide variety of finds of mostly vintage origin. The little sculpture is then hand painted and later assembled with chains, hooks, ribbons and the like. The painting process consists of a variety […]


Fantasy Floral Designs

Posted March 19th by admin in jewelry

Brooch bouquets by Fantasy Floral Designs are a beautiful alternative to floral bouquets. Each bouquet is made of a collection of vintage brooches, earrings, pendants, watches, cuff links, etc. from family and friends or the designer, Amanda Heer. To see more works of art, visit the Fantasy Floral Design site. The gorgeous photography is by […]


Sally Jean

Posted March 18th by admin in jewelry

The Sally Jean Collection is the original vintage art collage soldered charms that marry vintage ephemera, antique photos, found objects, scavenged text and other charming elements. She is the author of “Pretty Little Things: Collage Jewelry, Trinkets and Keepsakes” that shows step-by-step techniques for cutting glass and soldering. Tweet


Jewelry Artisans

Posted March 14th by admin in jewelry

One of my favorite jewelry artist collaborations that is still going strong after many years of working together. I’ve had this pendant since before Etsy and people always ask who made it whenever I wear it. Penny Michelle created the intricate sterling silver bead critter components and Joan Miller created the colorful, whimsical, detailed porcelain […]


Flameworked Glass Beads

Posted March 11th by admin in jewelry

Michele Goldstein began making jewelry together in 2007, calling their collaborative undertaking Hearts and Bones Studio. Using an array of techniques – lampwork, wirework, knotting, knitting and stringing, (even Shrinky-Dinks) – their pieces are fresh and bold. Tweet


Punky Jane

Posted March 8th by admin in etsytwitter team, jewelry

Punky Jane specializes in handcrafted jewelry and accessories. Her designs include a vast collection of personalized pieces, as well as many ready to ship designs. She’s also a member of the EtsyTwitter Team. I just love the family tribute necklace and hand stamped bracelet! I could simply slip charms on and off to suit my […]


Karen Mabon

Posted March 6th by admin in jewelry

UK artist Karen Mabon’s build-your-own celebrity rings are constructed from screenprinted plywood. Tweet


Mikiye Creations

Posted March 5th by admin in jewelry

This week’s EtsyTwitter Team shop is Mikiye Creations, a luscious and romantic blend of semi-precious stones, metals, freshwater pearls, Swarovski crystals, Austrian crystal, Rhinestones, Vintage items, silks and feathers. Unique and often Heirloom one of a kind designs, vibrant color, rich texture, attention to detail and dazzling shine have become my signature. Every piece is […]


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