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Cutesypoo Toys

Posted October 17th by admin in toys

Jocelan Thiessen and Jayson Thiessen of Cutesypoo Toys work day and night imagining cute toys with names like Musseloom, Ice-Kimo, Mr. Hot Dog Bun, Little Miss Egg Tart and Miss Rocket Pop. Jocelan draws inspiration from the squirrels on her patio, trips to Tokyo and her personal life. She make the quirky Chinese bakery toys […]



Posted May 12th by admin in toys

Manipulating fiber, illustration and surface elements have always fascinated me. Self-taught fiber artist, Samantha Cotterill of mummysam, seems to find commonalities in her concepts rather than in the materials with each unique piece. She creates pieces that appear to be more hand drawn and each one takes on its own identity. The mixed media fiber […]


A Little Stranger

Posted May 6th by admin in toys

Artist, toy designer, and entrepreneur –– Holly Stanway is a triple threat. She runs A Little Stranger, a London, UK based webshop focused on quality, imagination and creativeness for herself and independent artists. As a freelance plush designer and model maker, it all started off as a way for Holly Stanway, to support herself while […]


Muddy Cloud

Posted May 4th by admin in toys

The Muddy Cloud story begins like this… When their daughter was first born, they wanted to make stuffed toys that went beyond the standard teddy bears and puppy dogs. Together they conceptualized non-traditional, colorful and cute dolls. They also wanted to appeal to the adults as well as children, creating somewhat abstract characters that would […]


rafinesse & tristesse

Posted April 24th by admin in furniture, toys

Some people may view an empty olive tin as trash, but for these ladies, it was the inspiration to start rafinesse & tristesse in 2006. Their products are based on the concept of using as many recycled items as possible by reworking them into high quality furniture pieces and miniature kitchens. Each unique piece is […]


Magic Yam

Posted April 23rd by admin in handmade, toys

The simplest things make me smile! Years ago, I found the pocket-sized Pet Rock Plushies at the Magic Yam shop on Etsy. The squishy little fleece friends are the plushiest little stones you’ll ever meet. Pet Rocks and cozy rockpiles make cute, simple little presents for anyone who could use a pal or an office […]



Posted April 17th by admin in design, toys

Undoboy has a simple philosophy, “design brings happiness.” I’ve had his site bookmarked for quite some time. I first read about him in the 2006 issue of Creativity when they named him as one of the most influential illustrators. Originally from Malaysia, he is an award-winning art director, graphic & interactive designer, and illustrator currently […]


Herzensart by Sandra Monat

Posted April 5th by admin in toys

Once upon a time, Sandra Monat lived in a world where one-of-a-kind, handmade art toy Vikings and Knights Templars roamed. Her handmade creatures possess a certain charm that many current handmade children’s toys lack. In addi­tion to plush, San­dra uses col­lage tech­niques and expands her artwork to scenaries, mobiles, plates, rubber stamps, and post­cards. I […]


Dippy-D, Bakey-C, and Cuppa-T

Posted March 9th by admin in toys

Since this is the Website Bakery, I just had to include these handpainted toys. Yota Sampastneethumrang was the winner of the worldwide Momiji and Don’t Panic design talent competition in 2008. Three limited edition resin dolls were based around the theme, ‘indulge’. Inspired by his girlfriend’s favorite decadent indulgence – an English afternoon tea. With […]


Shoebox Toys

Posted March 4th by admin in toys

Time Passages Nostalgia Company offers 20th century pop culture items, nostalgic memorabilia, historic artifacts, cereal and radio premiums, prizes, and shoebox toys. Tweet


Website Bakery is an exhibition and inspiration showcase gallery that aggregates art, design, web design, illustration, handmade, products, etc. Curated by Kimberly Coles, Creative Director, Illustrator and Web Designer.

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